Professor Olson working with child

At the Human Diversity Lab we study early childhood development and to do that we recruit young children ages 3-9 years old in the New Jersey area. Our lab group studies children’s prosocial behavior (e.g., helping, sharing), children’s understanding of social hierarchies, and how children think about different social categories like race and gender. Interested families come to the lab for short appointments that last about 30 minutes. During the visit, child participants do some activities with the research assistants in our lab. In some activities we ask children to help a researcher, to share a toy with another kid, or to complete a short computer task. Parents are able to watch their children complete these activities via video feed in another room. Visiting our lab comes with free parking and each child gets a small toy as a participation gift.

If you have additional questions about our research, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 206-685-1310!

Please complete this form if you are in the New Jersey area and interested in having your 3-9 year old participate in lab studies about topics like prosocial behavior or social bias. If you are interested in our studies about transgender and other gender diverse children or having your child serve as a control for those studies, learn more.